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Oh Hey! I'm Glenny

Assisting entrepreneurs with social media, design and management

Social media and graphic/web design is my life. On top of pizza of course. During my journey into the blogging world, I reignited my passion to design and decided my knowledge and skills can help future and current entrepreneurs and bloggers to reach their full potential.

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How much is your time worth?

Here are different ways that you can work with me. Let's take back the time you deserve.
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Monthly Project
4 Hours Worth of Design
Can't seem to figure out how to manage everything at once? Need someone who already have the eye for design that can quickly do some graphics for you? Before you burn yourself out, I will pick up the tedious tasks so that you can finally breathe!
Monthly Project
8 Hours worth of Design
Who says being successful means you can't stop and enjoy life? But if there's one thing that success can't bring, it's time. I'll do all the managing and the visual creations so that you can live life while you watch your business succeed.
Monthly Project
16 Hours Worth of Design
Work piling up & you're ready to give up? Don't. I'm here to save you. Those tasks you don't have time for, done! No eye for design? I got you. Put your attention on your dream business, I'll handle everything else. Even choosing your next Netflix binge.