I’m Glenny. Well actually, my real name is Glenda but everyone has been calling me Glenny for so long that it kinda just… stuck.

I have been blogging for at least 18 years when Xanga and Live Journal was a thing. *hands up if you were also in that era* And to be honest, I’m a little sad I can pull up my old blog posts to read what I used to write about. I’m sure my life was interesting, no?

Not long after, I took with my experience with messing around with graphic & web design from creating my own free website (yup. I created a free site under Angelfire as a kid – sorry mom!) onto social media. I fell in love with the concept of a network via an online community.

Social media was introduced to me in the forms of Apt107 (so old, I can’t even find the website anymore), Asianavenue, Neopets and Nexopia. Granted, it isn’t the same as it is now but oh man! I was obsessed with making sure my page was so good people had to leave something in my guestbook.

Over 18 years later since this whole internet craze and struggling with dial up, I’ve seen how both blogging and the social media/online community has grown, developed and transformed. Who would’ve thought I’d used the skills that I taught myself as a kid and take it to the next level by making it my business.

Although I’ve been writing years it was only in late 2016 I decided to have the courage to create my own personal blog called Confessions of a Scorpio where I wanted to share about my journey in life and being in a long distance relationship.

It took a few niche rebranding, tears, and frustration but COAS has now evolved to now also covering hidden gems from around the world for the must-try restaurants & beautiful hotels while encouraging women to stay positive through beauty and style. 

Through the blogging/influencer community, I have not only gained amazing connections with amazing brands and bloggers but I added in more passion into social media and design. By studying algorithm changes and experimenting with marketing, I’ve learned that this was something I wanted to do for other bloggers.


Because I know how hard it is when you first start off and feel the frustrated of being alone and hopeless. I’ve been there and I’ve also faced many hardships. We all need a cheerleader to get us through the writer’s block and the discouragement… so I wanted to be that for you. For all those bloggers and influencers who are still trying to get from point A to Z. For anyone who needs someone to tell you upfront what you are doing wrong. For the creatives who are not so strong in the visual department. For you. 

Fun fact – I’m an ENFJ personality, so you can see why I’m so determined to ensure people’s success! 😉